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A service company, made of people.



Our commercial strength and our experience reside in Finsea, the Group we have been a part of for over forty years now.



Ours is a service company made of people. We believe in people, we invest in people. We look after ourselves, and our relationships with others.



We believe in the value of making a fair profit, which generates prosperity through people and their work.

Why can we solve it?


We take ships under our wing and welcome them into port. We try to make their stay as simple and comfortable as possible and accompany them until their departure. 

We are the people who classify and declare goods, helping ensure they can leave the port.

We are made of people, and we are committed in our work for people every day.


We assist importes handling customs formalities needed to unload the cargo, we are an invaluable partner for shipping agencies during port calls, we arrange containers collection and delivery and we give you all the information to ease your shipments.


Are you an importer and your goods are being unloaded but you haven’t quite got round to completing the formalities needed to market them in the EU?

Customs consultancy

Do you need further information about importing products into the Eu Single Market?

Land freight forwarding

Are you are an importer, your cargo is due to arrive in a port and you don’t know how to collect and deliver it?

Ship Services

Are you a shipping agent and you need help resolve bureaucratic issues with the authorities, from the moment the ship arrives until its departure?

Finsea Group

For over forty years, we have been handling logistics and port procedures; ours is a name etched on Genoa’s wharves. We are people first, a company second. Our heart lies in Genoa, but our business moves cargo from one side of the world to the other.

Thanks to this wealth of experience, we are now one of the most reputable businesses in the area, a benchmark company for authorities at every level, and the sector’s main stakeholders; we operate on a national level, and put our knowhow at everyone’s disposal to help solve any issues arising in our port, and to map out local and national policies through our trade associations.


Shall we have a cup of tea?
Story of a customs consultation

You know that feeling you get when you’re an entrepreneur, and you decide the time has come to take on a new challenge? It’s a spark we have often seen in the eyes of our customers.
The morning in question was one of those occasions when we thought to ourselves “OK, he’s going for it.”

Anyone for a holiday?
A story of transporting goods

It was an early-summer afternoon and we were daydreaming about holidays (though August was still a long way off) when a phone rang in our cargo department

«After all, we’re a community».
Story of a shipment 

You know that feeling you get when a project is taking shape, and you put the last piece of the puzzle in place, the one you thought was lost somewhere under the sofa, or inside the dog? We do.


Customers Reviews

Paolo Arcidiacono Operations manager Cosco Shipping Lines Italy

Sat combines its knowhow and professional approach with a relationship built on trust. This allows us to work with peace-of-mind, knowing we are dealing with people capable of tackling the situations that crop up in our line of work each day. The team has a kind, helpful approach which enables them to run the business successfully.

Michele Alverdi Responsabile Logistica Italia Holcim (Italia)

At Holcim Italiam we see SAT- Ship assistance and transit – as a competent and reliable partner, whose prompt, can-do attitude when it comes to operations makes them stand out.

Marco Ghia Customer service manager PSA Sech

Sat has always stood for knowhow, promptness and a can-do attitude, with the “plus point” of the human touch which has evolved over the many years we have worked together.

Franco Cozzolino Operation manager Yang Ming Italy

Sat is a cohesive group with sound leadership. Its people are always willing to help, and over the last two years they have increased their competences, particularly where “ship assistance” is concerned. As for freight, they have always been, and still remain, at the cutting edge.

I often turn to them for consultation regarding the “cargo” sector, and their answers are always precise, reliable and professional.

The nature of our ties makes Sat more of a partner than a supplier to us.

Matteo Delucchi Port and terminal operation manager Hapag Lloyd (Italy)

An outstanding team and impeccable organisation, featuring professionalism, reliability and skill. But what really counts is the passion they all put into their work, ensuring we do not encounter obstacles in our work.

Giampaolo Botta Direttore generale Spediporto

When it comes to Spediporto’s sea freight companies, the knowhow of Sat Vice Chairman Giulio Baer has long provided a crucial benchmark. Their extensive work on issues such as preclearing, PMIS, VGM and much more comes to mind. The sector is highly technical and calls for outstanding skill. Sat has always proven it is up-to-date with technological developments and regulatory evolutions; so much so it is a reference point, not just on a local level, but for Italy as a whole.

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